Tainted Love hunt is here!

And is currently under way. If you have not started this hunt yet… why haven’t you? There are some amazingly Woeful and deliciously dark anti-Valentines gifts to be hunted down, from some truely amazing and original alternative designers in SL. Here’s a lil something to whet your appetite.

Millie WWTainted_007


And a close-up, just so you can see the accessories I am wearing in better detail:

Millie WWTainted_008



Skin: Aeva ~ Chairty/ heartsick (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening/Crimson (previous Woeful Wednesday’s),

Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Psycho Love (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Dress: Exiled ~ Date gone wrong (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Bouquet: Boudoir ~ “I hate You” bouquet (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Earrings: Blienssen & Maitai ~ Love me Not Earrings (Tainted love hunt gift),

Skybox: Distorted Dreams ~ A Date to Remember (Tainted Love hunt gift, includes all the furniture seen in the photo!!!).

Woeful hunting,

MiLLiE xx