Designer Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the ^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^ Collective! Before being included as a designer in this weekly event, we need you to fill out and submit this application. Please try to be patient while awaiting a reply… Someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

IMPORTANT! We will only be featuring 40 designers at a time, which means your application may be put on a waiting list if all 40 spots are filled. This doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to participate… we’ll just have to ask again for your patience (at the end of every month, new applications will be reviewed and any designers who’ve pulled out or stepped aside replaced). EQUALLY IMPORTANT! This event group is available to unique & unusual horror/macabre creators only. If your designs/creations can’t fit this description, we’ll likely decline your application. It’s nothing personal… we’re just on a mission.

The primary contact person for the store (required):

This should be the store owner/creator.

Other contact persons for the store:

These may be managers, alts, other store owners, etc.

Your store's name, exactly as you want it to appear (required):

The SLurl for your store (required):

A short, useful description of your store (required):

Please provide a brief description of your product line, as you would like it to appear in a design blog or information packet (required):

We ask these questions about your store/product for for two reasons: 1. It gives us a better idea of who you are and what you do. 2. If your application is accepted, we have a description on file for future use!

Why do you think your store would be a good fit with the Woeful Wednesday Collective? (required):

If your store isn't particularly dark and your items do not lean the horror/macabre direction, we suggest you be pretty specific here. There are a LOT of sales groups on the grid - we want to make sure Woeful Wednesday stays true to the theme.

Your Marketplace store link (if applicable):

Your website/blog link (if applicable):

Your flickr link (if applicable):

Will you be able to display a group joiner/info board in your shop?
 Yes No

Are you interested in helping with additional promotion for Woeful Wednesday, as well (i.e. posting images, writing blog spots, events, etc.)?
 Yes No

If yes, how would you like to help?

Any comments or questions?

I have read the rules for designers and I agree to follow them. I understand that not following these rules may lead to me being removed from the Woeful Wednesday Collective and/or suspended from future Woeful events.