And there’s more?!

OK, so I was going through all my Woefully-delicious Tainted Love hunt gifts, and just kinda threw t his look together which I decided to show with ya’ll. This *may* be my last Tainted Love post, so if it is, I hope you’ve all done it by now! And if not, why haven’t you??


Skin: {Frick} Cruel Skin/ Ghost (Tainted love #65),

Mouth-nom: Troubled Rebel (Tainted Love #47),

Necklace: The Little Bat ~ Even in Death (Tainted Love #21),

Corset & dagger: Snatch (Tainted Love #11).

For more details on any other items I’m wearing/ have worn in my Tainted Love hunt posts that I haven’t credited here please check out my personal blog here 🙂

MiLLiE xx

This Tainted Love…

Millie Tainted Urban_004



Skin: {frick} Cruel Skin/ Ghost (Tainted Hunt #65),

Tattoo: Little Pricks + Skin Deep ~ My Heart is the Death of Me (Tainted Love #15),

Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening/Crimson,

Odd Eye: Death Row Designs ~ Tainted Eye (Tainted Hunt #48),

Dress: Vero Modero (Tainted Love #68),

Arm-warmers: Bubble (Tainted Love #58),

Collar: insanya ~ Lotus (Tainted Love #35),

Photo taken in skybox by Pandemonium, which is Tainted Hunt gift #24, and the love-seat is the hunt gift from by nacht (#56).

Happy Hunting!

MiLLiE xx