This Tainted Love…

Millie Tainted Urban_004



Skin: {frick} Cruel Skin/ Ghost (Tainted Hunt #65),

Tattoo: Little Pricks + Skin Deep ~ My Heart is the Death of Me (Tainted Love #15),

Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening/Crimson,

Odd Eye: Death Row Designs ~ Tainted Eye (Tainted Hunt #48),

Dress: Vero Modero (Tainted Love #68),

Arm-warmers: Bubble (Tainted Love #58),

Collar: insanya ~ Lotus (Tainted Love #35),

Photo taken in skybox by Pandemonium, which is Tainted Hunt gift #24, and the love-seat is the hunt gift from by nacht (#56).

Happy Hunting!

MiLLiE xx



More from the Tainted Love Hunt

As promised/ suggested, here’s some more woefully delightful hunt gifts from the Tainted Love hunt (all hunt prizes are L$1).

Millie TLH13_014



Skin: Aeva ~ Charity/ Heartsick (Tainted Love hunt item),

Make-up: Frick ~ Cruel Make-up/ Eyes & Lips (Tainted Love hunt item),

Headpiece: AD Creations Doll house ~ Tainted Love Brain or Heart (Tainted Love hunt item),

Dress: Corvus ~ Bleeding Heart dress (Tainted Love hunt item),

Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Psycho Love (Tainted Love hunt item),

Necklace: Chaos, Panic and Disorder ~ Piece of my heart (Tainted Love hunt item),

Earrings: Bliensen & MaiTai ~ “Lovemenot” earrings (Tainted Love hunt item),

Bag: Squeek! ~ Tainted Love hunt heart bag (Tainted Love hunt item).


MiLLiE xx

Tainted Love hunt is here!

And is currently under way. If you have not started this hunt yet… why haven’t you? There are some amazingly Woeful and deliciously dark anti-Valentines gifts to be hunted down, from some truely amazing and original alternative designers in SL. Here’s a lil something to whet your appetite.

Millie WWTainted_007


And a close-up, just so you can see the accessories I am wearing in better detail:

Millie WWTainted_008



Skin: Aeva ~ Chairty/ heartsick (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening/Crimson (previous Woeful Wednesday’s),

Tattoo: Hysteria ~ Psycho Love (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Dress: Exiled ~ Date gone wrong (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Bouquet: Boudoir ~ “I hate You” bouquet (Tainted Love hunt gift),

Earrings: Blienssen & Maitai ~ Love me Not Earrings (Tainted love hunt gift),

Skybox: Distorted Dreams ~ A Date to Remember (Tainted Love hunt gift, includes all the furniture seen in the photo!!!).

Woeful hunting,

MiLLiE xx